Vegetarian Sports Nutrition

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Gain the vegetarian advantage!

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Vegetarian Sports Nutrition

Course Overview for the Vegetarian Sports Nutrition

Gain the vegetarian advantage! Vegetarian meal plans have been used successfully in everything from bodybuilding to endurance sports. Every day more and more athletes (even those who are not full-time vegetarians) incorporate a plant-based diet when training or recovering from competition.

Relying on the recent evidence-based research, Vegetarian Sports Nutrition details performance and health benefits, including enhanced muscle recovery and optimal bone health. With tailored meal plans and training strategies, you will learn to make smart nutritional decisions and properly fuel your body throughout your training regimen.

This comprehensive resource simplifies the process of determining your energy, protein, vitamin, and mineral needs and monitoring carbohydrate and fat intake. You’ll learn how to optimize a vegetarian diet for peak performance across all sports.

Whether you are a dedicated vegetarian looking to add variety to your diet or an athlete searching for a competitive edge, Vegetarian Sports Nutrition will help you improve your health and performance!

The learner will gain access to online lessons which provides insight on the topics covered in each of the chapters.

There is a final multiple choice questionnaire which needs to be passed with a minimum of 70% for certification. The lessons need to be completed as preparation for this final assessment.

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  • Evidence-based, up to date, research
  • Learn how to build vegetarian meal plans for everyone, from bodybuilders to professional sports athletes

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  • Enhance your scope of practice as a personal trainer

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