Pre and Post Natal Instructor

Increase your scope of practice and learn how to design plans that meets the needs of pre and post natal women.

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Online (JHB) Bedfordview Cape Town Durban

Pre and Post Natal Instructor


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Course Requirements

If you hold a fitness qualification or exercise science qualification you will:

  • Receive a certificate of achievement
  • Be able to use this qualification to train clients

If you do not hold a fitness qualification or exercise science qualification you will:

  • Receive a certificate of attendance
  • Not be able to use this qualification to train clients
Course Description

Training clients with specialist needs is a great way for fitness professionals to carve out a niche and gain a reputation in the industry. When a woman finds out she is pregnant her body undergoes a lot of changes for the little miracle to occur. This course will provide you with the knowledge to understand how these changes will be affecting your exercise prescription.

The trainer needs to consider the trimester that the client is in, contra-indicated exercises, previous training history, along with various special considerations and be aware of any symptoms which may indicate the baby or the mother is undergoing harm.

This course will provide the trainer with the tools to offer safe and effective exercise prescription to women who are currently pregnant and women who have recently given birth.


Subjects & Modules


  • Chapter 1: Screening the Pregnant Client
  • Chapter 2: Stages of Pregnancy
  • Chapter 3: Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy
  • Chapter 4: Effects of Pregnancy on the Body &

Implications for Exercise

  • Chapter 5: General Recommendations for Pregnancy
  • Chapter 6: Guidelines for Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Chapter 7: Components of a Pre-Natal Exercise


  • Chapter 8: Nutritional Guidelines for Pregnancy
  • Chapter 9: Psychology of Pregnancy


  • Chapter 1: Post-Partum Exercise
  • Chapter 2: Post-Partum Nutritional Guidelines
  • Programme Examples for each Trimester
Accreditations & Certifications

6 REPSSA Endorsed CPD points

Career Opportunities
  • Work with pregnant ladies during all trimesters of pregnancy
  • HFPA students are recruited by Preggi Bellies to teach their programme


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