These are Full-Time, Part-Time, and Online. The Full and Part Time modes work on a structured timetable with set start dates. The Online mode allows you to start at any time and work at your own pace. We have a team of highly qualified tutors to support you throughout your course.
All students (all modes) have access to the comprehensive HFPA Online Learning Platform.
Service to our students is of paramount importance to us. We strive to offer you an exceptional study experience.


  • Start at any time and work at your own pace
  • Support is offered by our team of Online Support Tutors. You are assigned to a tutor who will be in contact with you throughout your course.
  • Practical Workshops are offered, free of charge, in cycles throughout the year from our campuses and support centres nationally. These workshops are OPTIONAL to attend as the courses can be completed entirely online. We do encourage students to attend the workshops.
  • Campuses / Support Centres:


  • Part-Time courses commence in February and in July.
  • Lectures / Workshops are offered on a Saturday morning or alternatively an evening during the week from our campuses nationally.
  • Follows a structured timetable which is designed to facilitate course completion within a specified period.
  • All work is covered in class. Encourages Tutor and Peer interaction
  • High completion / throughput rate


  • Full-Time courses commence annually in February
  • Follows a tertiary institution academic calendar (ideal for school leavers)
  • Fully facilitated and structured learning with theory and practical tutors attending to the students’ particular needs
  • Free Gym membership / access for the entire academic year
  • Encourages tutor and peer interaction
  • High completion / throughput rate
Full Time infographic


  • HFPA is a Registered Higher Education Institution. Our Higher Education qualifications are accredited by the CHE (Council for Higher Education) and the HEQCTO (Higher Education Quality Controls and Training Committee
  • Registered by the DOE (Department of Education)
  • SAQA Registered full Qualifications
  • SETA (Cathsseta) accredited qualifications
  • Qualifications and Continuing Education Specialisations registered and recognised by REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa), which is linked to ICREPS (International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals).
  • Internationally Portability / Recognition of fitness qualifications through ICREPS
  • HFPA is also Registered as a provider with RepsUAE which covers the UAE, Middle East and Asia


Recognised and registered with REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa). REPSSA is part of ICREPS (International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals) Our Fitness qualifications are internationally portable enabling graduates to work anywhere in the world.
HFPA is also Registered as a provider with RepsUAE which covers the UAE, Middle East and Asia. We presently offer our courses in this region, and we are well known as a quality education provider.

HFPA was one of the first providers of education for the fitness industry internationally. Since 1979 we have enjoyed a good relationship with fitness industry players from around the world and we are well known in all major countries including the USA, Europe and the UK. Earning your qualification with HFPA will provide you an advantage when applying for positions abroad.

Join 1000’s of HFPA graduates working around the world in fitness, sport and recreational facilities and also on international cruise liners.
Earn $$$’s and broaden your horizons!

International Qualifications
Payment Plans

Easy Payment Terms:

  • We offer payment terms over 3, 6 and 11 month periods.
  • Payment over 3 months attracts zero interest (3 equal payments to cover the course fee)
  • 6 and 11 month terms attract interest of 10% (deposit in month 1 and then 5 – 10 monthly installments)
  • We will consider payment terms over a longer period. Application for special terms must be requested through our Accounts Manager.
  • Student Funding: We work with Student Hero who will apply on your behalf to various banks and student loan providers. (study now – pay later)

Professional Staff & Student Support (Meet the Team):

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