Exercise Specialist

This internationally portable qualification certificate is a great way to broaden your scope of practice by learning how to improve the health of special population groups.


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Exercise Specialist



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Course Requirements

You must hold a Personal Trainer certificate to do this course

Course Description

The Exercise Specialist certificate continues on from the Personal Trainer certificate (or equivalent) and broadens your scope of practice to include special population groups. This qualification is a full occupational qualification offers you the best of both specialised fitness training and sport conditioning, meaning that you can train special groups like the elderly, children and pregnant clients, as well as train sports people to compete at their highest level.

Studying personal training is a lot more than just reading the course content! All of our qualifications requires the student to complete a certain amount of hours of shadowing (work integrated learning). Not only is this required to pass the course but will also be of benefit to you as it will help you obtain real world experience before entering the fitness industry. It will also give you in-the-field experience that you won’t get in a classroom and it allows you to explore the industry before committing to it full time.

Subjects & Modules



  • The muscular and skeletal systems
  • The changes which occur due to posture and special conditions



  • Adaptations of exercises for pregnancy, children and youth, and older adults



  • Nutrition: Nutrition and dietary requirements for specific goals and special
  • Injuries: Adapting exercise programmes to risk factors and special conditions within the scope, and the referral process for clients with conditions outside the scope of an exercise specialist



  • Procedures for assessing sports specific clients and special population client

Accreditations & Certifications

NQF Level: 5

Course Credits: 101

REPSSA CPD Points: 20

  • SAQA Registered
  • NQF Level 5
  • SETA accredited Occupational Skills Programme (CathsSeta)
  • Recognised and registered with REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa). REPSSA is part of ICREPS (International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals). The Personal Trainer Certificate is internationally portable enabling graduates to work anywhere in the world.
Career Opportunities
  • Grow your existing client base
  • Establish a unique reputation as a specialist trainer for specific groups
  • Work as a strength and conditioning coach for schools, sports teams and clubs
  • Start your own business and work in association with a referral team of doctors, physiotherapists, biokineticists and dieticians


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