Power of Yoga for Sports

There are many definitions of yoga. At a physical level, the functions of various organs, muscles and nerves need to be harmonised, so they do not cause any conflict amongst each other in the body. Disharmony within the body can cause insufficiency often resulting in illness. From the above, yoga can be defined as a physical harmony, health and mental balance of peace. Yoga offers your body superb health and mental stability. All athletes have different needs compared to that of a general yoga practitioner. Gwen Lawrence’s book Teaching Power Yoga for Sports, focuses on balance within the athletes body, optimising performance and the importance of injury prevention. You will ultimately learn how to take athletes to the next level through: Functional strength moves How to improve flexibility and ROM Mental toughness Focusing The outcome of this course is to educate Power Yoga for Sports teachers to design yoga programmes that can be used alongside their athletes current training regime, in order to assist athletes reach peak performance. This course is completed using the HFPA Online Learning Platform. The course material includes a downloadable Human Kinetics textbook (e-book), tutorials, a study guide and assessments. If you would prefer a hard copy textbooks, they are available upon request (additional courier charges will apply). Please request your hard copy upon registration.


3 Months

5 CPD Points


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