Posture Correction Specialist

Posture refers to the way in which body parts are arranged in relation to each other. Good posture is key to allowing the human body to function optimally, while bad posture can lead to serious pain and discomfort. This course allows you to perform functional analyses and administer safe exercise to prevent injury. You will learn: Which muscles causes specific postural abnormalities. Common postural alignments that exist. How muscle imbalances can lead to joint instability and injuries. How to perform an in-depth Step-by-Step Postural Analysis. Not only being able to perform a Postural Analysis but what to do with the information afterwards. How to specifically identify overactive and underactive muscles. Which exercises and stretches to perform for specific muscles. Administering and analysing functional tests to further identify muscle imbalances.


6 Months

18 CPD Points


Course Dates

Year-round enrolments



Price excludes a non-refundable admin fee of R400.00