Exercise Specialist

Exercise Specialist & Sports Conditioning Coach

The Exercise Specialist is an internationally portable Occupational Skills programme which follows on from the Personal Trainer Certificate. This is an advanced programme which certifies Fitness Professionals to provide more specialised training to a wider variety of society, including the elderly, children & youth and pregnant clients. You will be able to work in association with a referral team of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Biokineticists and Dieticians, assisting clients with their fitness goals. We also include the Sports Conditioning Coach certification programme which will further expand your scope of practice to apply advanced programme design and conditioning methods in the fields of strength conditioning and High Performance training to prepare sports people to compete at their highest level. Enhance individual and team performance at Schools, Sports Clubs and in a variety of Fitness environments.


6 - 12 Months

NQF Level 5

REPSSA / Cathsseta

Course Dates

Year-round enrolments



Price excludes a non-refundable admin fee of R400.00