Jun 19, 2024


HFPA Fitness Academy, the premier provider of Fitness Education in South Africa, is pleased to announce that they have taken hands with UXI Sport.

As the newest division of UXI Sport and UXI Pty (Ltd), HFPA will be offering young aspirant fitness professionals, highly accredited, innovative, and comprehensive programmes, to allow them to kick-start their careers in the fitness and sporting industry!

For over 42 years, HFPA has led the initiative to create unity and set professional standards for the Southern African fitness industry. HFPA provides world-class tools and facilities to help aspirant fitness enthusiasts fast track their careers in fitness and sport. As one of the leading Fitness and Sporting academies in South Africa, HFPA are ready to offer UXI Rugby Institute students with EXTRAORDINARY accredited HFPA fitness, health, wellness and sporting qualifications, internationally recognised through the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA) and The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), which is recognized in 26 countries in the world!

UXI Sport institutes are passionate about creating opportunities, job placement and most importantly an embedded work-ethic, that is driven by a dedicated professional team, that INSPIRES GREATNESS! An integral part of UXI Sport’s unique High Performance Rugby Programme is its Academic Programmes, that form part of the holistic development of Student Rugby Athletes. Through the Academic Programmes, provided by our academic partners, we develop young men and women, with key attributes and qualities that offer work-readiness, in careers that they are PASSIONATE about.

There couldn’t be a better partner for UXI Sport, than HFPA Fitness Academy; a Higher education Institution offering Higher Education Qualifications, Certificates and Diplomas. HPFA take great pride in their innovative teaching techniques, delivered by a wide variety of respected industry experts. With an abundant list of Continuing Education and Specialisation programmes, students can grow their scope of practice AND career prospects while taking advantage of their outstanding student support structures.

Through this UXI-HFPA ownership, UXI Sports students can join tens of thousands of HFPA Graduates, who are employed nationally and internationally as highly respected Fitness Professionals in a variety of health, fitness, recreation and sporting environments!

Paul Mills