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HFPA, thank you so so much!! 

It has been a great experience at HFPA these past 2 years and I thank everyone involved for their dedication and teachings.

Course:Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science
Travis Kitch

I have just completed the Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science course. This was the best decision that I’ve made because I know it will allow me to have a broader clientele base. I did it Part Time and my Lecturer was excellent and explained the Modules really well and was always there to help us.

I have acquired so much of knowledge, such as as designing a programme for different populations ,i.e for a client with chronic illness, clients with insulin resistance, different age groups like the elderly and kids. With the Pre-habilitation module I’ve learnt about different injuries and injury prevention.

The sports training opens other doors for you as well. You can do sports conditioning and design strength and conditioning programmes for different sports teams and sports individuals which will make them participate exceptionally well in their sport.

At first I thought that the Higher Certificate in Exercise Science would be sufficient, but after completing the Advanced Certificate in Exercise science I firmly believe that my knowledge has reached a far greater level and I can help so many more people . As they say “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching”

Course:Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science
Safiyyah Patel

Iin simple words HFPA has helped me believe in my ability again. Being a pre and post fitness instructor, I needed to broaden my horizons.

My journey started with the Group Exercise course. Wow! So much fun with fellow instructor and the tutor in training Jayson Safela, who is excellent!

In 2020 I pushed myself again and completed both the Hiit and pre and post natal course. Thank you to the short course manager for the continuous support and many WhatsApp messages of concern from my side, helping me deal with the stress of meeting my deadlines.

Thank you HFPA for making it happen!

Course:Group Exercise Instructor, Hiit Instructor, Pre & Post Natal Instructor
Natalie Daniels

I studied the national certificate in fitness at HFPA Port Elizabeth campus. The lecturer was always friendly, kind and helpful. I loved the fact that we had access to online support as well.

I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from the institute. The best part of the course was when we were told we could select three  free courses from about a list of six. I chose aerobics instructor course, pilates and sports massage.

Today I am training clients online, group instructing, offering Pilates sessions and loving what I’m doing, thanks to HFPA. Once covid dies down, I could start doing sports massages too.

The possibilities are endless with HFPA. With the wide range of courses on offer you can keep improving yourself and in so doing  broaden your scope of practice.

Course:National Personal Trainer Certificate (NCIF)
Ragaainah Nackerdien

I have recently qualified as an aqua instructor, by enrolling in your course. I thoroughly enjoyed studying this course. It taught me so much. Your instructors are extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure we are well qualified. When I had to do logging to enable me to do my practical exam, I went to our local Virgin Active Gym in Welkom to ask them if I may do my 15 hours logging with them (I am a long time member there) . They of course had no objections of me logging there and they offered me a job as an aqua instructor once I received my certificate.

Needless to say, I have continued to take part in the aqua classes held every morning. I have just done my assessment with Virgin, to take on my new job.

Thanks to you, HFPA for all the knowledge in theory and practical classes I attended. The class I gave to the Virgin Active staff (including the fitness manager and Virgin Active manager) on Thursday 4th Feb, was thoroughly enjoyed by all and said my lesson plan was well executed. My review was good.

Thank you once again. Never did I think I would end up instructing at Virgin Active and it’s because of HFPA!

Course:Aqua Instructor
Julie Hundermark

I recently completed the Sports Massage course with Dr Leonie Bosch. What an incredible course. The content is easily understandable, and the online classes were full of extra info. Looking forward to my next course!

Course:Sports Massage
Gen Azzie

Doing my personal training course through HFPA was phenomenal! It was hands down the best structured and easy to follow course I have ever done! The instructions are very clear and easy to understand, the material was very easy to consume and remember. Support from the Tutors is incredible. The course not only covers the fundamentals of human movement, exercise and nutrition, but educates you extensively on the vitally important, legal and insurance information that is crucial for any new trainer to know. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to get started on their journey into the fitness industry.

Course:Personal Trainer
Marco Klue

I’d like to thank all the lecturers, who helped during the rough Covid time, it was a difficult year and HFPA pulled through due to the dedicated and fully committed staff. HFPA offered nothing but the best for their students even during the biggest pandemic in a couple decades.

My experience at HFPA has been filled with pure joy and happiness. I never in my life thought I’d say this, but i actually enjoyed waking up early and going to college to study. I would arrive at the campus at 8, i would gym until 9, and study for half an hour till my 9:30 class with the infamous Lecturer, Zahra. Monday’s to Wednesday’s HFPA gave me a purpose, and fulfilled my inner hopes and made me get closer to my dreams. The days Thursday-Sunday, i was just dying to get back to college again.

Course:National Personal Trainer Certificate (NCIF)

It was an absolute pleasure working with my tutor, Iain Shippey. I learnt so much from him and HFPA’s insightful course. They were always willing to go above and beyond to help me in any way they could. Personally, my transition from player to coach has been made so much easier by being able to increase my knowledge in the performance coaching field. This was possible thanks to the guidance provided by my tutor, Iain Shippey. He is obviously very passionate about the course and that made me even more keen to learn and grow. I highly recommend that every athlete and coach takes on this valuable subject to use in the sporting world.

Course:Performance Coach
Marcelle Keet
South African Hockey and Water Polo International Rep

I highly recommend this HFPA course, facilitated by Iain Shippey. It is an exceptional course with top class content. Iain’s passion and knowledge, coupled with learning from my fellow peers, have made me confident that I can be a great peak performance coach.

Course:Performance Coach
Barry McNeice
Head of Rowing St John’s College, Head coach South African Schools Rowing union under 16

I met my tutor, Iain Shippey online and we instantly made a great connection. Iain guided our group through HFPA’s Performance Coach course superbly. The sessions were engaging and interesting. Iain’s leadership and communication skills, along with his obvious passion for this area of coaching, made my decision to complete this course one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Course:Performance Coach
Dan Vann
Evolution Sports Coaching, New Zealand

The Essentials of Nutrition course is the second course I have completed through HFPA. I studied it through lockdown as they offered it free of charge. This was a great refresher as my previous nutrition course was completed in 2011. You have 3 months to complete the course and its totally doable (even working full time). The staff are super efficient and address all your questions and concerns really quickly which was a great help!

Course:Essentials of Nutrition
Yvonne Barbosa

Power Yoga for Sports: I thoroughly enjoyed this course. With my interests primarily being focused on bodybuilding it was interesting to venture out into something different. This is a great tool I can now implement into my personal exercise regime as well as those of my clients.

Course:Power Yoga for Sports
Prishen Sivanarain

I’ve been a vegetarian for the past 16 years, with sports and fitness always being in my blood. Due to vegetarianism in sports being so unpopular, at that time, I was forced to experiment on myself with the limited knowledge that I had acquired over the years. Finally I’ve come across a course that takes away all the guess work and provides you with well researched information ensuring that you can perform optimally on a meat-free diet

Course:Vegetarian Sports Nutrition
Prishen Sivanarain

This course has been an absolute treat, from knowing exactly what’s going on, to constantly learning new things. I have enjoyed every second of my head in the books. As a strength athlete, the knowledge I have gained has been invaluable. The tutors are constantly reminding me to stay up to date and offering assistance wherever possible.

Highly highly recommend!

Course:Higher Certificate in Exercise Science
Bryan Wells

Thank you for the congratulatory message accompanied by the academic transcript and graduation invitation.

Thank you for the patience and understanding displayed by your team in all our communication ranging from finances to academic issues. I can’t thank you enough for this.

To the HFPA academy itself; there are so many incredible things about the Academy that one simply can’t understand until they are there. I always looked forward to my classes. I fell in love with everything about the school, the interaction with my classmates, facilitator and academic coordinator.

I am certainly not the same person I was when I joined HFPA in February 2019. The working and theoretical knowledge and content about Sports Management gained is invaluable. The academic support I received despite my extremely busy schedule at ASEM is also appreciated.

And thank you for granting me an opportunity to gain work integrated learning/experience in the form of experiential training at ASEM. It really is a great platform for me to showcase my abilities and it allows me to apply what I have learnt from the Academy

Course:National Certificate in Sports Management
Busisiwe Ncapai

The past 2 years at HFPA has been a great experience and an essential step towards my future. It offered me courses that enables me to further my studies at any university.

My 2nd year has been quite a challenge and much more difficult in terms of workload than 1st year but all thanks to my lecturer fae, I have made it through the year without any struggle, she has been on call whenever I needed the assistance. Definitely no time mess around when it comes to your work and being dedicated. But if you are unable to hand in your work on time an extension is provided for you.

Due to the pandemic we have faced this year, HFPA didn’t let it affect our studies and made it easier to learn through zoom sessions. HFPA has broadened my horizon, Organizing the best trained people around the world to interact with us.

Gyming has never been made more easier to access after class. HFPA has taught me that even becoming a personal trainer requires a lot of effort. Class hours are very convenient, especially for those who work or want to work while studying.

At the end of my HFPA journey I can finally say that I’m more knowledgeable and confident on how to go about doing many things with my future clients.

I’m very sad that I couldn’t spend my last year there with all the amazing people I have met. I will definitely miss it.

Thank you HFPA for the amazing experience I have shared with you guys. I would definitely recommend HFPA to those heading in the same direction as me!

Course:Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science
Muizza Dadabhay

When I signed up with HFPA, I was almost 2 weeks late, but they gladly opened their doors to me and I’ll be forever grateful. My dreams just got bigger and my goals fell into place since day 1 in class. 


Being in the full-time contact classes amongst other like-minded students encourages one to learn and explore new spheres in the fitness industry. The practical days (although lockdown led to most of them being online) were well structured, informative and most of all fun. Having open access to the gym also played a huge role in studying as I could apply what was learnt in theory on myself, or a friend. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing real-time results to something new you’ve learnt. 


The addition of the short courses by various professionals in the industry opened my eyes to so many new ideas and opportunities for the future. Fitness goes well beyond the gym, which is something I think a lot of us don’t initially think about. 


I would highly recommend doing the full time course over online as there’s so much more interaction and experience when you’re physically in the learning space. 


Apart from making new friends, the staff are all friendly and willing to assist whenever needed. Double thumbs up to HFPA!

Course:Higher Certificate in Exercise Science
Nasreen Malik

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