When I signed up with HFPA, I was almost 2 weeks late, but they gladly opened their doors to me and I’ll be forever grateful. My dreams just got bigger and my goals fell into place since day 1 in class. 


Being in the full-time contact classes amongst other like-minded students encourages one to learn and explore new spheres in the fitness industry. The practical days (although lockdown led to most of them being online) were well structured, informative and most of all fun. Having open access to the gym also played a huge role in studying as I could apply what was learnt in theory on myself, or a friend. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing real-time results to something new you’ve learnt. 


The addition of the short courses by various professionals in the industry opened my eyes to so many new ideas and opportunities for the future. Fitness goes well beyond the gym, which is something I think a lot of us don’t initially think about. 


I would highly recommend doing the full time course over online as there’s so much more interaction and experience when you’re physically in the learning space. 


Apart from making new friends, the staff are all friendly and willing to assist whenever needed. Double thumbs up to HFPA!

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