Understanding Human Movement

This course teaches you the foundational science behind movement.

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Understanding Human Movement



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Course Requirements

You must hold a personal trainer or exercise science qualification to do this course

Course Description

This course brought to you in partnership with Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems, was designed to teach and learn the anatomy and functional anatomy behind everyday and sport-specific movements. The course was designed to interpret the evidence-based research on the spine and foundation of lumbopelvic stabilisation, particularly, the importance and significance of the transverse abdominis, quadratus lumborum, multifidi and oblique muscles.

You will learn about:

  • The foundation material about fascia, fascial slings and their effect on daily function
  • Common muscle length assessments of the lower body and functional assessments of the shoulder and spine
  • The ‘weak links’ within the entire kinematic chain, according to the research and learn effective exercises to target these areas with rationale
  • How to distinguish between the various systems of the body and how they work together to produce movement


Subjects & Modules
  • Chapter 1: Skeletal Anatomy
  • Chapter 2: Functional Anatomy Behind Everyday movements
  • Practice examination
  • Glossary
Accreditations & Certifications

5 REPSSA Endorsed CPD Points

Career Opportunities
  • Improve your marketability to athletes and sports people with this valuable skill
  • Continue studying the other Pinnacle movement modules to make yourself an expert in this space
  • Understand the science behind human movement


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