(UK) Certificate in Nutrition and Health

This course is a must for anyone who is passionate about the health of themselves and their loved ones. It will teach you basic nutritional principles.

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(UK) Certificate in Nutrition and Health



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No previous qualifications or requirements are needed

Course Description

Please note that completion of this course will exempt you from part 1 of Nutritional Consultancy and you will be able to advance straight onto part 2.

  • This course, brought to you in partnership with Plaskett College, is a must for anyone who is passionate about the health of themselves and their loved ones. It will teach you basic nutritional principles and help you to formulate healthy diets and set out well-informed programmes for yourself and for your family when faced with the bewildering array of nutritional supplements on the shelves today.  You will:
  • Be introduced to the concept of naturopathy
  • Gain a general understanding of the subject of health and nutrition
  • Grasp the fundamentals of the cell’s need for nutrients
  • Appreciate the role of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals and understand the basics of how these nutrients work in the body
  • Be aware of the enormous health benefits that can come from favourable dietary change
  • Appreciate the merits of particular foods and nutrients
  • Ultimately gain the knowledge that will lead towards a better standard of well-being now, and a prolonging of good health in the future

Although not a practitioner level course, this course will also be useful to anyone whereby nutrition is a feature of their line of work and so a better understanding of the subject will only enhance the service that they provide.

Subjects & Modules

Certificate in Nutrition & Health Syllabus – Part one

Section 1 – The principle bulk nutrients & associated foods
Section 2 – The cell & cell energy
Section 3 – The environment inside the cell
Section 4 – The need for the cell to self cleanse
Section 5 – The micro-minerals & their contribution to the cell
Section 6 – The vitamins
Section 7 – Bowel flora – how it aids cleansing & maintenance of a good body environment  Section 8 – Characteristics of the main foods.  Suppressive versus eliminative foods
Section 9 – The composition of foods
Section 10 – Allergies, intolerance & sensitivity. Micro-minerals & their contribution to the cell
Section 11 – Designing diets
Section 12 – The use of supplements

Certificate in Nutrition & Health Syllabus – Part two

Section 1 – Naturopathy, its nature and its history
Section 2 – Philosophy of naturopathic nutritional therapeutics
Section 3 – Synthesis of naturopathy & science
Section 4 – The practitioner’s role
Section 5 – Understanding the depth of disease
Section 6 – The concept of eliminatory pressure & its management
Section 7 – Taking the case history & understanding organs and organ functions
Section 8 – Interpretation of case history and understanding individual reactivity

Accreditations & Certifications
  • You will receive a certificate from Plaskett College for Nutrition and Health
  • Students can register with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)
  • Students can go onto further studies with universities and receive credits for Plaskett courses. Each student is taken on a case by case basis (with no guarantee they would be accepted), students mustn’t assume that it is an easy route into a degree course
Career Opportunities
  • Enhance your skillset and increase your earning potential by adding nutrition to your offering


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