Training for Elderly

This course enables the Movement Professional to teach the Elderly with various precautions in mind.

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Training for Elderly



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Course Requirements

No previous requirements or qualifications are needed for this course

You will need:

  • Computer, Internet, Manual (to be printed off of website), stationery
  • Small equipment (arc or bosu, band, mat, 65cm ball, box or bench, tone loop, raised surface, chair or cube)
Course Description

This course covers the fundamentals of training the elderly. We look at:

  • What their challenges would be, what the precautions are when training them and what the objectives for their programmes should be
  • Watch as we teach an elderly lady by modifying and assisting numerous exercises
  • Learn what their restrictions are and how you can design a programme for them and therefore improve their overall wellbeing.

There needs to be a greater focus on understanding what they are capable of doing and what would be contraindicated for them during movement and exercise.


Subjects & Modules
  • Their needs
  • Possible injuries or pathology
  • Goals for their program
  • Precautions to avoid injury
  • The exercise program
  • Conclusion
Accreditations & Certifications
3 REPSSA Points 1 UAE REP Points 0.10 ACE CEC Points 3 HPCSA Points
Career Opportunities
  • Add training the elderly to your scope of practice
  • Teach the Elderly with various precautions in mind


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