The Myths of Postural Assessments

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What posture ‘stereotype’ does each client or patient fit into? NONE?..this is not unusual. Do you know why?
  • Postural assessment for client specific programme design
  • Ensure that the information derived for the postural assessment is evaluated against the clients own body type
  • The information retrieved from the assessment should not be contradictory
  • Do NOT put your client into a general postural box
  • Take postures out of the box to make anatomical sense
  • Know the reasons for the conflicting information that is derived through posture versus movement
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of postural assessment versus movement assessment
Get 100% Client Specific!
3 REPSSA Points 2 UAE REP Points 0.30 ACE CEC Points 3 HPCSA Points
  • Impress your clients and patients with a new skill set!