Shoulder Stability WOW Factor

You will embrace a new shoulder stability technique that will have a profound effect on your clients or patients

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Shoulder Stability WOW Factor



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The MISSING LINK in all shoulder stability lies in THIS course.

See it like never before. Watch that scapula glide with a total WOW factor! STOP making the common mistake!

  • Change the way you view shoulder stability & see amazing results
  • Eliminate injuries, tension & possible degeneration in the neck & shoulders
  • Re-direct your focus completely on shoulder stability training
  • Incorporate the MISSING ELEMENT of functional & relaxed free movement, the benefits of this & how to obtain this within an individuals shoulder
  • Learn how to develop your clients mind body connection
  • Learn the importance of exercises versus free movement & thought
  • Connect to the inferior angle of the scapula NOW
  • Watch as we stabilise a shoulder within 60 minutes, you will be amazed

The course is based on thousands of hours of experience, study & implementation of this method through the principles of Kinetic Precision. This course will without a doubt, start a new process of efficient, safe & pure shoulder stability. Shoulder stability issues will be diminished.

Accreditations & Certifications
3 REPSSA Points 1 UAE REP Points 3 HPCSA Points
Career Opportunities
  • Add the principles of Kinetic Precision to your offering and increase your scope of practice
  • Attract clients and patients with shoulder issues and help them ensure they never get worse


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