Powerful Cross Training for Sports

This course enables the Movement Professional to teach an effective cross training program that is directly focused on a sports person.

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Powerful Cross Training for Sports

Course Requirements

No requirements or previous qualifications needed

Course Description

In this course we have a look at all the elements that are necessary to train your client for their specific sport. The implementation of the 5 movement principles along with Time Under Tension, exercise progression and client specific training is incorporated in this course. In this course we show the progression of the exercises simultaneously on 3 different individuals. This enables you to understand the progression as well as the reason for any modification or assist that may be used. Learn a powerful programme that encompasses cross training for all sports.

Subjects & Modules
  • Quality Teaching
  • Alignment
  • The importance of cross training
  • Time under tension
  • Their needs
  • The needs of various sports
  • The exercise program with progressions, time under tension and modifications
  • The conclusion
Career Opportunities
  • Teach an effective cross training programme that is directly focused on an athlete


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