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Performance Coach

Upping your game through Applied Sports Psychology



  • Upon the completion of level 2 of this course, you can use the title: Performance Coach
  • You can work with coaches and elite athletes
  • Increase your scope of practice

Performance Coach


Upping your game through Applied Sports Psychology


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This course, in partnership with Thincsport, is designed for athletes and coaches. We endeavour to create a learning environment where athletes and coaches can reflect on their approach to their game and unlock new realms of thinking in their approach to training and competition. Many athletes and coaches have invested thousands of hours harnessing their technical skills and knowledge of their sport and have a deep appreciation of the levels of physical conditioning that need to be attained to perform at the highest level. Build upon this solid foundation by adding another dimension to your game and gain insight into the mental and psychological aspects of peak performance.

We offer this course in 2 levels. If you have already studied our previous Applied Sports Psychology course, you will be able to go straight to level 2. If you are new to the course, you can start with level 1 or do our combined course which we offer at a discounted price.

LEVEL 1: The course will introduce you to a system of working with coaches, athletes and teams (or any “performer”) Our goals is to simplify the concepts of performance and teach you how to apply them to your context and within your life.

LEVEL 2: The course builds upon the rock solid foundations taught in the Fundamentals of Performance Coaching Course. There is additional theory taught but most importantly there is a much more substantial practical component to support you in being confident to practice as a Performance Coach. While the theory of coaching is vitally important in terms of skillset acquisition, the practical application of the skills and the foundational theory of performance coaching is the true test of whether or not a coach can enable and enhance goal-directed behaviours in a client. We will make use of Benchmarking which pinpoints the level at which a coach is operating in terms of the following practical skills:

  • Establishing rapport;
  • Relevant and meaningful questioning;
  • Eliciting outcomes;
  • Establishing a “road-map” (process) to achieve the client’s outcome;
  • Establishing measurable points of progress for the client

How does the course run practically?

  • Both level 1 and level 2 each require 10 weeks. We estimate that you will need to invest 3 – 5 hours of study and practice time per week.
  • There are group Video calls every second week. The calls provide a wonderful opportunity to discuss the course content with other people in the class. The calls help you to assimilate the key concepts, learn from one another’s experience and build meaningful relationship with like-minded people.
  • The course culminates with a practical assignment. Students work with a player/athlete of their choice. They do an assessment with the player and then offer practical input based on the course material


CONTENT: The course has 5 Modules which contain 9 different sections:

  1. Human before Athlete or Coach
  2. A Systematic Approach and Assessment
  3. Connection
  4. Confidence
  5. Self-Talk
  6. ProcessFocus
  7. Control
  8. Training, Pre-competition and Performance Mindsets



  1. A Systematic Approach and Assessment
  2. Connection and Communication (refresher for student who did courses before 2020)
  3. High Performance Teams
  4. Individual Sports and Athletes
  5. Working with Parents


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice
  2. Peer Review.
  3. Athlete Feedback
  4. Mentor/Supervisor Feedback

20 REPSSA endorsed CPD points

HFPA certificate of achievement

No previous qualifications or requirements are needed.

A stable internet connection and PC/laptop is required.