Introduction to Exercise Science

Find out if a fitness career is for you!

Course Fee
20 CPD points
Internationally Recognised

Find out if a fitness career is for you!

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Course Requirements
Course Requirements
No previous qualifications or requirements are needed
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Payment Terms

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• Course fee: R1,500

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This is a bridging course for those who are new to the field of Health and Fitness and want to learn the basics before pursuing more specialised courses and so advancing their career path. In this course you will learn the foundation of anatomy and physiology as well as the Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health. This course Includes:
  • Online lessons
  • Online assessments
  • E-manual
  • Additional online resource videos
Study Mode Offered: ONLINE This course is completed using the HFPA Online Learning Platform. The course material includes a e-manual, online chapter quizzes, knowledge questionnaire and a case study. 
  • Chapter 1: Homeostasis
  • Chapter 2: Anatomical Terms
  • Chapter 3: Organ systems
  • Chapter 4: The Skeletal System
  • Chapter 5: The Muscular System
  • Chapter 6: The Cardiovascular and Circulatory System
  • Chapter 7: The Respiratory System
  • Chapter 8: The Nervous System
  • Chapter 9: The Endocrine System
  • Chapter 10: Energy Systems
  • Chapter 11: Adaptations to Physiological Systems through Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise
  • Chapter 12: Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health
  • Chapter 13: Principles of Training
  • Chapter 14: Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Chapter 15: Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance
  • Chapter 16: Warm-up and Stretching
  • Chapter 17: Motor Fitness & Safety
  • Chapter 18: Communication
  • Chapter 19: Customer service
  • Chapter 20: Introduction to nutrition
  • Chapter 21: Role players in the fitness industry
  • 20 REPSSA endorsed CPD points
  • HFPA Certificate of Achievement
  • Learn the basics of exercise science and lay the foundation to progress your training in the fitness industry
  • Not sure about a career in fitness? Test the waters with this course and learn life-long skills in the process