Innovative Repertoire Small Apparatus

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Course Requirements

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Let’s get creative with the small apparatus! It is time to modify, design & assist Pilates Exercises. The EVOLUTION of exercises is here. Innovative repertoire – small apparatus is dedicated to:
  • Keeping YOU motivated in designing NEW repertoire with the use of small Pilates apparatus.
  • Giving YOU new repertoire
  • Giving YOU repertoire that will keep your rehabilitation or exercise classes interesting & progressive
  • Giving YOU new practical ideas for rehabilitation & movement training
  • Showing YOU how to design exercises with any small apparatus
  • Adding variety & inspiration to YOUR classes
The apparatus used are the ball, weights, foam roller, theraband, arc & box. At the end of this course, you will have a greater repertoire to choose from when presenting your patients / clients with exercises for progressive training & rehabilitation.
1 REPSSA Points 1 REPSNZ Points
  • Have a greater repertoire to choose from when presenting classes
  • Grow your scope of practice