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Hip stability is vital for daily function. It is also necessary to obtain HIP stability if you are doing any specific sport.  Stability has never made more sense or has never gone more in depth than this course. Cancel out the myths, compensations and generic programmes through this thorough approach to CLIENT SPECIFIC hip stability with a TWIST!
  • Look at the anatomy 
  • Discover a new found understanding of pelvic tilts & its myths
  • Understand Hip disassociation like never before
  • Learn amazing NEW Hip disassociation exercises
  • Learn Free movement exercises 
  • Learn a programme that encourages loaded hip disassociation               
  • Create amazing strength and stability in the hip 
This is vital information that will enable you to prevent HIP injuries or assist and rehabilitate current injuries!
3 REPSSA Points 2 UAE REP Points 1 REPSNZ Points 3 HPCSA Points
  • Give your clients or patients a client-specific hip stability programme that takes any injuries, sport-specific needs and age into account
  • Help your clients reach their goals with amazing results