Hip, Pelvic and Spinal Anatomy

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In order for YOU to stay at the top of YOUR game, YOU need to maintain a strong anatomical background in relation to MOVEMENT. How can we do a client assessment without anatomy knowledge? We can’t! During a client or patient assessment, it is vital that YOU know:
  • How the muscles affect the joints & how this would affect movement patterns
  • The fundamentals for all assessments & the role of the anatomy
  • Where negative or positive movements originate from
  • What joints & muscles are affected in certain conditions or injuries or even stability based movements?
Play ‘link the dots’ with this course and start answering a lot of interesting questions. This video course covers the anatomy of the entire pelvic, hip & spinal area with high quality images. The objective is to recap & develop insight into the muscles of the pelvic, hip & spine in order to add to the progression of pelvic, hip & spinal rehabilitation. 
2 UAE REP Points 0.20 ACE CEC Points 1 REPSNZ Points
  • Add hip rehabilitation to your client offerings and increase your scope of practice
  • Work with the injured and the elderly
  • Help your clients reach their goals without fear of further injury