Hip Home Program

What you do with your body daily will have a massive effect on your joints longevity. This course is all you will need to help the stability of your hip joints.

Where & How to Study

Hip Home Program

Course Requirements

No previous qualifications or requirements are needed.

Course Description

This course is to give the professional that edge on offering that additional service to their client whereby they can provide them with an effective program for them to maintain their hip stability throughout the treatment that they are getting from the professional. It is an educational program, as well as an exercise program and will make the homework that the professional gives the client much easier to do. It focuses on the principle of effective hip disassociation for hip stability that leads to functional movement.

Do YOU need a great HIP HOME PROGRAMME for your clients or patients?

  • Do you want to prevent any future injury in your clients or patients hips, back or knees.
  • Do your sporty clients or patients require hip stability.
  • Offer them an easy to follow home program that breaks away from the generic programs.
  • Enable the client or patient to take control of maintaining their new found stability.
  • Use a program that is based on safe hip movement & hip strengthening.
  • Enable your client to take control of their health through a safe hip home program with the results being less pain in the hips, spine, knees and pelvis.
  • Ease their Functional Daily Movement. 


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