Developing Endurance

Science-based aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training

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Science-based aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training

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Course Requirements

If you hold a fitness qualification or exercise science qualification you will:

  • Receive a certificate of achievement
  • Be able to use this qualification to train clients

If you do not hold a fitness qualification or exercise science qualification you will:

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  • Not be able to use this qualification to train clients
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Runners, cyclists, swimmers, rowers, triathletes, and ultra-distance athletes must sustain performance at a high level to come out on top. Developing Endurance shows how to achieve optimal stamina to race your best through science-based aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training. Written by 11 top experts in the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the top sport conditioning organisation in the world, this guide provides both the background information and the exercises, drills, workouts, and programs for ultimate results. Athletes and coaches will appreciate the assessment tools, analyses, and instruction to define specific needs and establish effective training goals. Armed with these tools and information, you can create the ideal personalised training program for your sport and avoid lengthy plateaus while taking performance to the highest level. This course Includes:
  • Online Course, Online lessons and assessments
    • X11 online lessons
    • X1 online summative assessment
  • E-Text Book: Developing Endurance Human Kinetics publication)
  • Sample training programmes

Study Mode Offered: ONLINE

This course is completed using the HFPA Online Learning Platform. The course material includes a downloadable Human Kinetics textbook (e-book), online lessons and assessments. If you would prefer a hard copy textbooks, they are available upon request (additional courier charges will apply). Please request your hard copy upon registration.
Chapter 1:
  • Provides an overview of physiology as it pertains to physical activity.
  • Provides information related specifically to endurance activity, which will be especially valuable for those readers without a background in endurance sports
Chapter 2:
  • Covers testing and assessment and provides a valuable source of information that athletes, coaches, and fitness professionals can use to determine if a programme is optimally effective
Chapter 3:
  • Provides a summary of endurance training principles with an emphasis on explaining proper programme design through periodisation, or the systematic manipulation of exercise parameters (volume, intensity, and duration)
  • Periodised training is designed to maximise healthy physiological adaptations and minimise the negative effects of too much exercise or too little recovery.
Chapter 4:
  • Includes important information about nutrition and hydration
 Chapters 5:
  • An excellent introduction to training programme design specific to endurance sports, including running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon
  • This chapter is a valuable tool for the experienced and inexperienced endurance athlete or coach. Unlike many books about endurance training, which have minimal information on resistance training, this book contains details on how resistance training can enhance the endurance athlete’s training and performance
Chapter 6:
  • Provides explanations of resistance training exercises
Chapter 7:
  • Explores the science behind resistance training for the endurance athlete.
  • Provide a clear rationale for the inclusion of resistance training into an endurance programme, as well as practical direction about how to integrate the resistance training with the aerobic training
 Chapters 8 through 11:
  • Address running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon individually
  • Sample training programmes and extensive information on sport-specific programme design
Course Credits: TBC
  • Work with athletes to help them enhance their performance
  • Help your fitness clients enhance their endurance