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Next course starts 6th June!

8 Weeks
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Achieve the road to success! Plan, build and grow your online personal training business!

The next course starts on the 6th June!

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Course Requirements
Course Requirements

Personal Trainer Certificate (NQF 5 or equivalent)

Note: If you do not hold a level 4 NQF then apply to study our Fitness Instructor Certificate NQF 4. Successfully completing this will provide you access to the Higher Certificate NQF 5 programme and a pathway into more advanced programmes and further opportunities.

Payment Terms
Payment Terms

2 Month Payment Terms

• Course fee: R8,500.40 (Deposit R4,250.20 + 1 x Monthly Instalments of R4,250.20)

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This course brought to you in partnership with TrainMe Academy is designed to help Fitness Professionals leave behind the status quo and take their fitness business or club online. By adding online personal training to your services, you’ll be tapping into new and rapidly-growing revenue streams and redefining the way you train with flexible options for online, in-person and hybrid training. This course includes:
  • 2 months of weekly training and coaching
  • Access to Weekly Recorded Video Lessons with assignments
  • 1 Weekly Coaching session helping you with implementation.  We will hold your hand through the whole process
  • Direct feedback on your implementation of the assignments
  • Use of the TrainMe Academy App for training clients.  We will help you with the set-up and implementation of the app
  • Help with Technical set up
  • Private Facebook Group for support from coaches and the community of other PT’s.
  • We teach “The Fast Start Launch ”  to get you paying clients within the first few weeks.
Start earning while you are learning!!
  • Become proficient in app-based Personal Training.  We will help you with the set-up and implementation of the app
  • Serve 10, 30, even 100 clients in the same amount of time it takes you to serve in-person clients, and still get them the same great results
  • Get out of the “hustle” of one-on-one personal training, selling time for money, rat race
  • Establish a remote training business and train clients all over the world.
  • Develop a sustainable business
  • Train clients from home, stay safe!
  • Be available to your family when they need you
  • Impacting more lives