Brilliance in Teaching

Make sure that your teaching skills motivate & inspire your clients or patients

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Brilliance in Teaching



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What will the ‘Brilliance in Teaching’ Course do for YOU?

  • Ensure that your teaching skills motivate & inspire your clients or patients
  • Ensure that YOU are the positive force that leads to a dynamic effect on your clients or patients results
  • Assist you to incorporate professional conduct & ethics within your facility.
  • Assist you to incorporate a specific teaching style that will GUARANTEE long term & short term results
  • Guide you in obtaining amazing skills in your practical teaching by learning 5 fundamental teaching principles
  • Assist you in obtaining loyal, lifelong clients / patients
Accreditations & Certifications
2 UAE REP Points 0.20 ACE CEC Points 1 REPSNZ Points
Career Opportunities
  • Inspire the patients and clients that you train
  • Increase your skillset to offer your clients and patients more value for money


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