Applied Health Fitness Psychology

Learn strategies for exercise compliance and adherence

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2 CPD points
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Learn strategies for exercise compliance and adherence

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Course Requirements
Course Requirements
If you hold a fitness qualification or exercise science qualification you will:
  • Receive a certificate of achievement
  • Be able to use this qualification to train clients
If you do not hold a fitness qualification or exercise science qualification you will:
  • Receive a certificate of attendance
  • Not be able to use this qualification to train clients
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Payment Terms

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• Course fee: R2,000

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Applied Health Fitness Psychology Book by Mark H. Anshel provides an understanding of the psychological factors that inhibit and promote physical activity and positive lifestyle behaviour change in clients. Gain insight to psychological motivational theories and models of exerciser behaviour to help your clients establish and maintain positive attitudes, emotions, and behaviours for a healthy lifestyle. Barriers to positive health behaviour plus personal, situational, cultural, spiritual, and environmental factors are also discussed. Health and fitness professionals, wellness coaches, personal trainers, dietitians, and allied health professionals will learn strategies for health behaviour interventions, exercise compliance and adherence, cognitive and behavioural strategies, exercise goal setting, and leadership. This course Includes:
  • Online Course, Online lessons and assessments
    • X13 online lessons
    • X1 online summative assessment
  • E-Text Book: Applied Health fitness psychology (Human Kinetics publication)
Study Mode Offered: ONLINE This course is completed using the HFPA Online Learning Platform. The course material includes a downloadable Human Kinetics textbook (e-book), online lessons and assessments. If you would prefer a hard copy textbooks, they are available upon request (additional courier charges will apply). Please request your hard copy upon registration.
There are four parts to this book. The first part speaks to theoretical foundations of health fitness psychology which presents an introduction to the topic: Psychological Motivation Theories and Theories and Models of Exercise Behaviours. The second part speaks to the factors that influence health behaviours. Barriers To Positive Health Behaviours, Personal Factors, Situational and Environmental Factors and Cultural, Religious, and Spiritual Components will be discussed. The third part speaks to Strategies For Health Behaviour Interventions By Presenting Exercise Adherence and Compliance, Cognitive and Behavioural Strategies and finally, Fitness Goal Setting and Leadership. The fourth and last part speaks to professional considerations and explains fitness consulting with Special Populations, Dysfunction Eating Behaviours and Professional Organizations and Ethics.
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to applied health fitness psychology
  • Chapter 2: Psychological motivation theories
  • Chapter 3: Theories and models of exercise behaviour
  • Chapter 4: Barriers to positive health behaviour
  • Chapter 5: Personal factors
  • Chapter 6: Situational and environmental factors
  • Chapter 7: Cultural, religious and spiritual components
  • Chapter 8: Exercise adherence and compliance
  • Chapter 9: Cognitive and behavioural strategies
  • Chapter 10: Fitness goal setting and leadership
  • Chapter 11: Fitness consulting with special populations
  • Chapter 12: Dysfunctional eating behaviours
  • Chapter 13: Professional organizations and ethics
2 REPSSA endorsed CPD points
  • Enhance your scope of practice to give your clients’ more chance of reaching their goals