Meet Our Ambassadors

We are proud to have a fantastic group of HFPA Ambassadors who have carved a niche for themselves in the Fitness, Sport and Wellness industries. As creative entrepreneurs and competing at the highest level, our ambassadors have shown commitment and passion on their path to achieving success.

Katy Cloete (Allderman)


Biokineticist | Fitness Model

Lisa Raleigh

Fitness Entrepreneur | TV Personality | Wellness Coach

HFPA Ambassador Anthony Sikanadze

Anthony Sikanadze

Fitness Model | Body Builder

Hlubi Mboya

Actor | Entrepreneur | Sponsored athlete

Zaakirah Khalek

Fitness Entrepreneur | Fitness Coach

Marcelle Keet

South African Water Polo & Hockey International Rep

Alyssa Conley

Olympic Sprinter | Sports Scientist

Jean-Marc Johannes

Professional Skateboarder | World Record holder

Stacey Holland

Fitness Entrepreneur | Fitness Coach

Sam Xulu

Fitness Coach

Mandla Amos Nhleko

Trainer & Coach

Julian Lee Ramdhari

IFBB Professional

Shannon Strydom

Former Professional Boxer

Robert Walker

Online Coach

Bryan Wells

Strength Athlete

Marco Klue

Fitness Model

Delaine Sardinha

Fitness Coach

Prishen Sivanarain

Vegetarian Bodybuilder

Justin Rossouw

WBFF Pro Muscle Model