Meet Our Ambassadors

HFPA is fortunate enough to have a fantastic group of young achievers representing us. All of our ambassadors have carved a successful path for themselves, in the fitness and sports industries and we are extremely proud to align ourselves with each one of them.

Lisa Raleigh - Wellness Coach

I studied HFPA’s Higher Certificate in Exercise Science, as well as the Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science to become an Exercise Specialist. I was so impressed with the high standard of education and I really enjoyed the flexibility it allowed me, which is why, when I saw that they were offering an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, I jumped at the chance to study it!

HFPA is extremely well-organised and they’re always at the forefront of new, cutting-edge information, which they offer in their local and international courses.

The course information is always fresh and current and I love the personal touch and support in everything they do. Another big bonus is that HFPA focuses on wellness as a whole, and not just exercise and nutrition, so if you’re looking at advancing your skills in this field, HFPA is your go-to fitness academy to study through!

I would highly recommend HFPA to anyone wanting to enhance their existing business.

Justin Rossouw - WBFF Pro Muscle Model

The reason I felt very comfortable choosing HFPA is because of the recognition that they have worldwide, and the fact that their courses are designed by experts in their fields.

Working with an highly accredited organisation like HFPA will be really beneficial to me as I grow my knowledge and fitness career. 

I would like to thank HFPA for the opportunity and I’m honoured and proud to be part of the HFPA family. 

Stacey Holland - Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Health Architect & Presenter of @realhealthsa

I started my HFPA journey over 10 years ago when a personal training course was a requisite for my degree in human movement studies. From a smaller campus, with great lecturers much has changed over the years but one thing remains the same: you know that you have a faculty and staff dedicated to teaching you the very best in health and fitness and living the lifestyle themselves!

HFPA has grown in size over the years, boasting world-class teaching facilities and equipment and I’m proud to be associated to the leaders in fitness education!

Hlubi Mboya - Actress & Sponsored Athlete

HFPA is unique not only regarding the international standards of the educational experience, especially when it is reflected through their nationwide, state of the art, campuses, but as an educator myself, the support staff, trainers, lecturers and senior staff are Family.

As a business woman I understand that my net worth is my network and through HFPA I have engaged and connected with the top innovators of the Fitness industry world wide.

Julian lee Ramdhari - IFBB Professional

I have been competing since the age of 18 years old and it was always a goal of mine to turn professional. This goal of mine was reached in London in March 2019 and I could not be happier to see my hard work pay off. If there is anything I have learnt in life, it is that hard work, perseverance and education always pay off. Which is why I have chosen to study at HFPA, where there is no limit to education.

Monika Malkowska

I truly believe that being able to reach people and help them improve their life is one of the best aspects of being a fitness professional. However to make the biggest impact you have to live what you preach. You cannot teach others something you have never experienced yourself. The Health and Fitness industry is changing all the time, therefore, it is very important to stay educated and informed in the current trends.

HFPA is a leader in the Health and Fitness industry. The courses they offer are so broad that it will suit any fitness professional and extend their knowledge and expertise. Being able to be part of the HFPA family and represent the brand and industry is a huge achievement for me. I feel very privileged to be able to educate myself further and broaden my horizons not just for myself but for people I work with on a daily basis

Marco Klue - Alpha Sports Nutrition Athlete & fitness model

In the Fitness Industry, as in all industries, knowledge is power and finding the right institution to invest your time and money in, can be extremely challenging. I’ve always been a firm believer in institutions that have stood the test of time. So with 40 years of excellence and an incredibly wide selection of courses to offer, HFPA was the obvious choice for me to continue broadening my horizon to endless possibilities.

Here’s to 40 more years HFPA!

Zaakirah Khalek - Fitness coach

A few years ago I made the brave decision to change careers from being an HR Business Partner to become a Fitness Coach. The thought of changing careers was daunting but I knew that, if I signed up with the correct institution to advance my knowledge in health and fitness, I would be more confident in my chosen field.

HFPA gave me the confidence to become the best Personal Trainer I can be. The course was interactive, my lecturer was very engaging and the course material is carefully curated to help you understand the biomechanics of the body.

Everyone at HFPA made me feel comfortable. HFPA is an overall great institution to start your fitness career with! I look forward to advancing my knowledge with them in the near future.

Mandla Amos Nhleko - Trainer & Coach

Studying at HFPA has given me the opportunity to grow my knowledge and help me improve my skills in the fitness industry. It has also benefited me to become one of the respected and trusted personal trainers and sports conditioning coaches in the industry. The support that HFPA offers to their students is phenomenal and you get special attention if you are struggling to understand your studies. HFPA has even supported my business in terms of showcasing my knowledge on a few TV shows regarding health, fitness and wellness. I would definitely recommend HFPA to anyone who wants to excel in the fitness industry!

Yossi Montrose - Performaball Master Instructor

I believe HFPA are first and foremost open to change and evolution in the very fast-paced health and fitness industry. They are always looking to the future and to adding more cutting-edge courses to their offerings. HFPA are great with supporting the aspirations of people, and offering the necessary resources to help young, talented fitness professionals.

HFPA staff are warm, fun and down to earth. They are friendly, with a professional attitude that makes them very easy to work with. This is a great place to start which will open many doors.

Robert Walker - Online coach - Owner of Dublin’ Strength

I studied year one of my Diploma in Exercise Science through the Rivonia HFPA campus in 2013. On the first of January 2019 I opened up my own personal training facility just down the road.

Those two statements alone should be proof enough to anyone considering a career in the fitness industry that they should look no further than HFPA when it comes to getting a head start into their fitness education. They make the distinction between relevant and irrelevant content in an industry full of smoke and mirrors and they have stood the test of time as one of the leading fitness education institutions in South Africa.