“I am enjoying the last of the warm sunny days, being at home and keeping a positive mind set. Home workouts are popping up everywhere at the moment, so find one that works for you, include your children and HAVE FUN.

Outside training lifts the mood, includes some Vitamin D and breaks a great sweat. My workout was as follows:

6 min skipping warm up – 2min at a time with a 1min break between

Jack Knife – 14,12,10,8

Oblique Side Crunch – 14,12,10,8

Heel Touches – 14,12,10,8

Crunch – 14,12,10,8

Lying Leg Raise – 14,12,10,8

Bicycle Sit-Ups – 14,12,10,8

Your daily objectives should include an honest effort to improve on yesterday!”

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