Posture Specialist

Course Duration: 6 Months

Assess and identify postural abnormalities

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Posture Specialist

Course Overview for the Posture Specialist

Posture refers to the way in which body parts are arranged in relation to each other. Good posture is key to allowing the human body to function optimally, while bad posture can lead to serious pain and discomfort. This course allows you to perform functional analyses and administer safe exercise to prevent injury.

Course Requirements

You must hold a personal trainer or exercise science qualification to do this course


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Why you should study this course:

  • Develop the knowledge, confidence and ability to assess and identify postural abnormalities and administer corrective exercises
  • A great addition to any sports or fitness professional to help clients to perform optimally

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Career paths you can follow:

Career Opportunities for the Posture Specialist

  • Develop a niche skill in the fitness industry that has applications to a wide audience
  • Enhance your reputation as a posture specialist

Career Paths to Follow

Accreditations for the Posture Specialist

  • REPSSA CPD Points: 20

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