Nutrition Advisor

Course Duration: 12 Months

Lay the foundations for good nutrition, optimal health, prevention of disease and athletic performance.

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Nutrition Advisor

Course Overview for the Nutrition Advisor

The NUTRITION ADVISOR course has been designed to provide you with all of the knowledge you need to help both yourself, or your clients, achieve the best results, be it just for health, weight loss, fitness and strength, or athletic performance.

We have made sure to cover ever aspect of nutrition available, to help you achieve your goals.

Course Requirements

No previous qualifications or requirements are needed


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Why you should study this course:

  • Learn to advise clients about healthy nutrition practices, clean eating and how to apply nutritional principles
  • Learn to apply sound nutritional principles in your own life
  • Learn to apply nutritional principles for athletes to help enhance their performance
  • Evidence-based, up to date, research
  • Provide clear, simple and accurate facts based on the scientific principles of weight management

Offered at the following campuses:

Career paths you can follow:

Career Opportunities for the Nutrition Advisor

  • Enhance your scope of practice as a personal trainer by helping your clients to achieve their fitness and strength goals with the right nutrition
  • Enhance your scope of practice by helping athletes to enhance their performance with the right nutrition
  • Include the importance of nutrition and healthy eating in your discussions with clients to help them get better results and prove your worth as an effective trainer

Career Paths to Follow

Accreditations for the Nutrition Advisor

  • Course Credits: 21
  • REPSSA CPD Points: 32

Training Centres

The Nutrition Advisor is offered at the following training centres:

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