Human Movement Analysis

Course Duration: 6 Months

This course delves into functional static and dynamic movement assessments to be used to analyse daily and sport-specific movements.

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Human Movement Analysis

Course Overview for the Human Movement Analysis

This course brought to you in partnership with Pinnacle Training and Consulting Systems delves into functional static and dynamic movement assessments to be used to analyze daily and sport-specific movements. It will aid you in proving accurate movement assessments to athletes and other individuals.

The course forms part of a bigger, 5-module course that addresses all topics around human movement. The modules can be studied separately, allowing you to build a customised solution to suit your specific requirements

Course Requirements

You must hold a personal trainer or exercise science qualification to do this course


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Why you should study this course:

  • Learn common functional assessment techniques of the core, new static and dynamic exercises
  • Identify compensatory or altered movement patterns and choose appropriate exercise modifications for your client based on science.

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Career paths you can follow:

Career Opportunities for the Human Movement Analysis

  • Design beginner and advanced training programmes for any movement dysfunction
  • Study further modules and become a movement specialist for fitness clients and athletes

Career Paths to Follow

Accreditations for the Human Movement Analysis

  • REPSSA CPD Points: 5

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