Corporate Health & Fitness Consultant

Course Duration: 1 Weekend

Work with corporates to improve their health and fitness

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Corporate Health & Fitness Consultant

Course Overview for the Corporate Health & Fitness Consultant

For a company to thrive long into the future, it needs a team of high performing, well balanced staff to drive its vision and strategic objectives. The workshop covers the importance of EWP’s and how to successfully align them to the company’s vision, using a powerful and practical systematic approach to EWP, benchmarked against global best practice. The workshop is interactive and uses discussion, case studies, surveys, assessment templates, and simulation exercises. Participants will put theoretical knowledge into practice whilst benefiting from the diversity of experience that each delegate contributes.

Areas the workshop covers include among others:- The importance of executive level engagement in wellness and how to secure their buy in; establishing and coordinating effective wellness committees; creating data driven solutions and effective evaluation strategies to ensure continued improvement. Furthermore, the workshop delves into the psychology of behaviour change to foster a company culture of wellness and encourage maximum participation in wellness programmes.

Course Requirements

You must hold a fitness instructor or Personal Trainer qualification to do this course

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Why you should study this course:

  • Experience and understand the dynamics of motivation, commitment and behaviour change in wellness
  • Acquire skills to maximise employee engagement with Employee Wellness Programmes
  • Proficiently align wellness strategy with company vision and objectives

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  • Upfront Deposit: R1 833
  • Payment over 2 months: R1 833

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Career Opportunities for the Corporate Health & Fitness Consultant

  • Solidify your position in the corporate world
  • Upskill yourself

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Accreditations for the Corporate Health & Fitness Consultant

  • NQF Level: 5
  • Course Credits: 38

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