Reasons to Study With Us

HFPA is a Higher Education Institution and the premier provider of Fitness Education in South Africa. We have led the way since 1979, offering accredited, innovative, and comprehensive programmes. Our graduates are employed internationally and are highly regarded as Health and Fitness Professionals who have graduated from an institution that provides the best in education.

Our Campus Facilities and Support Centres are located nationally and incorporate the latest in gym, functional and high-performance equipment, multimedia lecture rooms and studios, all of which provide for a professional learning environment.

We offer Full-Time, Part-Time, Online and Distance Learning (online with workshops) modes of delivery.

Support Workshops are offered in the following regions:

Johannesburg | Pretoria | Cape Town | Durban | Port Elizabeth | Nelspruit

Our comprehensive Online Learning Platform (OLP) and Online Tutors offer our Distance Learning students structured support throughout their course.

Our experience in education as a Higher Education Institution will ensure that you are provided with a structured, supported and happy learning experience, and enable you to enter your career as a Health, Sport or Fitness Professional with the knowledge and confidence to achieve success in a vibrant, dynamic and ever-growing industry.

Don’t compromise – study with HFPA!

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Established, Credible Institution

HFPA is an international brand that has stood the test of time. We were one of the first organisations in the World to offer specialised training for the fitness industry and, since our founding in 1979 (41 years ago), have been a leading higher education institution in the health, sport and fitness industry internationally.

High Quality Reputation

We have a reputation for producing graduates with superior knowledge and competence who are highly sought after by top employers in the industry.

International Recognition

Work Internationally in a variety of Fitness, sport, Recreational and Health environments. Our qualifications are registered with REPSSA, REPs UAE, and fall under IC REPS (International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals)

Comprehensive Range Of Courses

We offer a wide range of Qualifications, Specialisation and Continuing Education courses in Fitness, Sport, Nutrition and Lifestyle

World Class Facilities

Our Campuses and Support Centres are located nationally. Our lecture rooms are equipped with a range of multimedia equipment and internet. Our Practical Training facilities are outstanding and incorporate all aspects of fitness training.

Student Centric Service

Service to our students is of paramount importance to us.  We employ a full compliment of professional, friendly, service-oriented staff committed to providing our students with a successful, happy and supported learning experience.


Innovative Teaching

Our mission at HFPA is to provide a comprehensive approach to our teaching so that we can produce graduates who have the knowledge and confidence to successfully launch their careers. We incorporate a “broad base” of instruction which serves to multi-skill our graduates and therefore increases employability and earning potential.

Advanced Learning Platform

The OLP uses a wealth of resources to make learning more interactive and structured. These resources deliver theoretical, as well as practical content via multi-media lectures, videos, audio recordings, virtual lessons, a library, animated slide shows, webinars, tips, chat rooms, forums, questionnaires, links, tutorials and more. Students can also upload theory and practical assessments via the portal and receive immediate feedback in turn. All Students have access to the OLP.

Highly Supportive Online Tutoring

We employ a team of Online Tutors who are individually allocated to a manageable number of students. Their role is to provide consistent support and direction to their students for the duration of the course. We actively manage our tutors to ensure that they are providing high levels of service.

Flexible Learning

We offer various modes of course delivery which include full-time, part-time and distance learning.

Distance Learning students are able to register at any time, study from anywhere and complete the course in their own time. We offer distance learning support workshops nationally. These are offered in cycles throughout the year.
Full and Part-Time students attend structured lectures and workshops on campus and follow a structured academic year.

Practical Workshops

Workshops for our Distance Learning students are offered nationally from all of our campuses and support centres at no additional fee:


Workshops cover practical components of the course and also include an Orientation lecture and Discussion groups which assist students with their course work.
Workshops are offered in cycles throughout the year. Presenters are highly qualified and experienced Fitness Professionals.



Although we incorporate various support structures and employ a full complement of staff to ensure that we offer an efficient service, we make every effort to keep our fees reasonable and competitive.  We also offer structured payment plans which allow for staged payments over a period.