Virtuosity can be described as an ability to do common things, uncommonly well, and if anyone sums it up as being a talented athlete and well-rounded trainer, it’s Vuyani Mashego.


What made you decide to study at HFPA and where did it lead you?

I first heard about HFPA through a trainer at Planet Fitness. I had aspirations of going to the states to play college basketball and my coach had told me that I needed to get stronger, which was my motivating factor for going to gym in the beginning.

Due to a lack of support all round, that dream of becoming a basketball prodigy didn’t materialise, however I continued training and started to see some inspiring physical changes. From there I looked at the possibility of making a career as a trainer and went on to do my studies at HFPA in 2012.


What is your current work/ job and how did you break into the market?

It guess it started for me when I decided to get into the whole the CrossFit community which was still very new and trending at the time. Currently I am running my own personal training business at “The Aesthetic Edge” and coaching CrossFit at Trinergy Health and Fitness Centre based in Northmead Benoni.


A lot of people want you to share your training secrets, can you describe your personal weekly workout routine?

Typically it’s an even split, where I do strength training in the mornings and a CrossFit session in the afternoon/ evening. Sometimes I do both on the same day or I alternate depending on where I am at with prepping for competitions etc.


What defines you as a trainer?

I believe that I offer an all-round quality service to my clients. I also guide them to take responsibility for their actions when they are not in the gym with me. My responsibility may be 1 hour a day/ week. The rest is up to them and how they are going to combine their activities outside of the gym with the training.


What is your daily motivation?

I love helping and seeing my clients to reach their goals and believe that one can vicariously live through the success of another. I have a passion for learning and I believe that it’s a great time to be in the fitness industry because were living in an era where the world is becoming much more health conscious.


In terms of future plans, where do you see yourself heading?

In the near future I’d like to complete my advanced certificate at HFPA and build on the relationship that has developed into being an integral part of the team whilst pursuing a degree in Biokinetics. I also plan on competing in CrossFit at the highest level.