Stacey Holland HFPA Ambassador

Born in Zimbabwe to a rather nomadic family and having quickly learnt to adapt to new environments, Stacey Holland seamlessly manages to keep her pace juggling an active lifestyle and career in broadcasting as a freelance journalist and fitness ambassador.


To give us some idea of what you do, can you describe a typical day in your life?

There is no such things as a ‘typical day’ in my life, it’s really quite dynamic. When I’m on set, I need to wake up at 3am to get ready, go into hair and makeup and then out in front of the cameras, bringing morning magic to millions of people. People think that means my day ends at 8am when the credits roll – but that’s just the start of it! There are always loads of meetings, prepping for interviews. I am also involved in the 4Change Magazine, attending events, press launches and business school lectures. In between all that, I have to make time for reading – we have a weekly book slot on our show – gym, preparing healthy meals and snacks as well as spending time with friends and family!


What are some of the challenges you have faced and how do you overcome them?

Live television can be a very stressful environment and you have to develop the ability to make quick, yet well-informed decisions, often on the go. You lean upon people feeding you the correct information in order to make effective decisions at short notice.


How did you get into fitness?

After I graduated from the University of Johannesburg, I spent some time in the sports marketing and private-banking fields, before answering a call to make a spiritual change. I consulted everyone I could and was inspired at their overwhelming support that I should follow my heart – and there was more to life than just existing and going through the motions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the company yet if I didn’t make the decision to leave I would never have ended up where I am today, doing something I believe I was born to do.


What have been some of your career highlights?

From a fitness aspect: placing in the top 6 of the USN Face of Fitness.

In media: I have interviewed some pretty cool famous people and some not so famous with amazing stories. All have changed me, influenced me and affected my life in positive ways. They have all been highlights.


What motivates you to succeed?

I believe that people follow vision, they follow leaders who inspire them, those who take the time out to understand them, encourage them and equip them. I subscribe to the John Maxwell philosophy of leadership over management: Leaders get people to “want to” do whatever is needed to accomplish the vision, because they are committed to it. Commitment to a common vision produces powerful and dynamic relationships. I understand each team member’s weak points and the challenges they face. I encourage open communication and praise before I correct. When I do get some time to myself, I love to do anything that feeds my love of music and various art forms. I love a good book and am something of a magazine connoisseur. To keep in shape, I love pushing myself in the gym, dancing and spending time on the course with my pro-golfer husband, Warren.


Has anyone been a key inspiration in your journey?

In media Oprah Winfrey and Christiane Amanpour

In fitness Bella Falconi


What are your future plans?

I plan to write a book about my personal health journey. I have had many health challenges that I have had to overcome that I think some people who know me as a fitness enthusiast would be surprised by.

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