Cool as ice while she dominates the rink, Jess Skinner skates her way from one success to the next.


Tell us more about your background and current involvements.

I started skating when I was 5 and I’ve always been very sporty. I’ve got my RSA colours in Figure Skating more recently in Ice Hockey. After I matriculated I knew that I wanted to study something with exercise and came across HFPA, which offered courses in everything I was interested in. I’m also a Crossfit Level 1 Coach and Field Hockey Coach at Rivonia Primary School.


What motivates you?

I like being fit and can’t keep still. I’m very competition driven, so if there’s something out there that I want to do, I will do it.


Have any key people inspired you?

My mom has been there throughout my figure skating career. I’d also have to say my first figure skating coach, Lisa Stiangt, she was one of SA’s best and I have always wanted to live up to her achievements, and Dino Quattrocecere, who is my current coach. With regards to ice-hockey, when I started there were a lot of people who looked at me as just being a skater and not being able to play hockey at the same time. My friends Rosie Cronje and Ashleigh Gruber helped me to develop my persona as an ice hockey player and inspired me to get through the hard times.


What is your passion? 

Coaching team sports, consisting of individuals of all ages, and sports specific training is my passion. Being involved in many different sports has armed me with the knowledge to assist sports men and women, as well as non-sporting individuals to achieve their fitness and health goals. I constantly strive to make a difference through fitness.


Do you have any advice for aspiring athletes?

As with anything, success is all about hard work. You’ve got to be willing to put in the time. Being an athlete requires long hours of training and sometimes it takes away most of your social life, but at the end winning that competition means more than any of the things you may miss out on. You have to be dedicated to and put your mind to achieving your goals.


In terms of future plans, what’s next?

One of my dreams is to open my own Crossfit Box. I am currently working at a Crossfit gym in Fourways and I’ve started Personal Training there too. If I could bring in sports teams and do functional training and fitness drills with the teams that would be awesome. Thanks to HFPA, where I’ve been a student for 2 years, the foundation is there and now it’s more about me trying to get my name out there.



  • Diploma in Exercise Science Part One and Two
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
  • Currently Studying Posture Assessment and Correction


Personal Achievements:

  • South African National Ice Hockey Player (2013, 2014 and 2015 Women’s World Ice Hockey Championships Division II Group B)
  • Provincial and South African Figure Skater (16 Year Skating Career)
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