Campus / Facility Profile:

Founded in 1996, Pro Fitness opened it’s first club in the Colcom Complex in town and offers members 2 floors (1,600 sqm) of state-of-the-art equipment, including aerobic and spinning studios. Since its inception, the Colcom branch has serviced both the corporate and industrial surrounding areas as well as the nearby residen­tial suburbs.

In October 2014, a second club opened in Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale (1,900 sqm), where a modern, functional and high-end health club was in demand. Again, we delivered a luxury fitness environment with the very latest in weights and cardiovascular equipment.

The Pro Fitness brand has become synonymous with quality and professionalism and we have continued to upgrade and improve keeping abreast of international and global trends.

After careful research of the vast array of exercise equipment available on the market, we opted to kit the clubs with a brand called Cybex International, an Amer­ican manufacturer, with a strong heritage of sports medicine and rehabilitation. It is because of the company’s dedication to exercise science that it became an attractive choice. Pro- Fitness is proud to have housed the biggest Cybex Interna­tional installations in Africa. Pro- Fitness will continue to bring up-to-date and current trends in the health and fitness industry to Zimbabwe.

Master Trainers:

Jacqueline McWade
David McWade Master Trainer
David McWade

Contact Details

Pro-Fitness Health Club
592 Sam Levy’s Village,
Borrowdale, Harare

Phone: 08677102350

Stand 592 Sam Levy’s Entertainment Centre, Borrowdale Village.
Borrowdale, Harare.


Regional Manager: Shamim Hussein & Farzana Kahn Hussein | Tel: (+263) 867 7102 350 | Email: | Address: Stand 592 Sam Levy’s Entertainment Centre Borrowdale Village. Borrowdale, Harare.

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