Facilities at Lichtenburg

Our Lichtenburg training centre is ideally located at Active Xtreme Fitness Centre. This fully operational gym was established in 1995 and has since then served its members and the community by promoting friendly, efficient and healthy fitness regimes.

With state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and a passionate team of health and fitness professionals, Active Xtreme boasts the widest and highest-quality fitness offering in Lichtenburg.

Courses at Lichtenburg

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Facilitators at Lichtenburg

Christelle Maree

Regional Manager, Lichtenburg

Each of our facilities provides an ideal learning environment in which students are exposed to all the workings of a health and fitness club. From floor-assistant work to administration, group classes, personal training and the work of other specialised health and fitness professionals. Our students learn from the best within the best facilities.

HFPA Lichtenburg

Regional Manager: Christelle Maree | Tel/mobile: +27 (0)82 788 8618 | Email: lichtenburg@hfpa.co.za | Address: Active Xtreme Gym, 113 Kerk Street, Lichtenburg, 2740