Facilities at Ballito

Conveniently located at the elite IMF High Performance centre within walking distance of the Ballito Lifestyle shopping complex, this training centre boasts progressive design, cutting-edge equipment, modern lecture facilities and top-end amenities including a coffee shop, a supplement store and a team of dedicated health professionals.

Courses at Ballito

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Facilitators at Ballito

Dwain Swiegers

Regional Manager, Ballito

Darren Smit

Master Trainer and Lecturer, Ballito

Each of our facilities provides an ideal learning environment in which students are exposed to all the workings of a health and fitness club. From floor-assistant work to administration, group classes, personal training and the work of other specialised health and fitness professionals. Our students learn from the best within the best facilities.

HFPA Ballito Training Centre

Regional Manager: Dwain Sweigers | Tel/mobile: +27 (0)32 815 0645, +27 (0)72 581 1777 | Email: ballito@hfpa.co.za | Address: IMF Gym, Unit 5, Warne House, Garlicke Drive, Ballito, 4422