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National Certificate in Fitness and Higher Certificate in Exercise Science

We offer various Full Time Programmes. This will assist those who wish to register for a full-time programme which is available to you in your region. Our full time weekday programmes are ideal for School leavers, Gap Year students and for those that don’t work during the week.

The weekday schedules are designed to give our graduates the knowledge to enter the workplace with confidence. The Elective Tracks offer huge value as they are included in the fees and are structured into the academic calendar. With increased contact hours, students are provided support on campus from our highly qualified Facilitators and online support from our Online Tutors. All students have access to the HFPA Online Learning Platform, which has a full complement of multimedia learning aids.

The Higher Certificate in Exercise Science and National Certificate in Fitness are both personal trainer qualifications. These qualifications have similar outcomes and scope of practice and aimed at qualifying you as a multi-skilled fitness professional of the highest calibre. Drawing from the latest research in exercise science and sports conditioning (with a comprehensive introduction to special population groups), it prepares you to work in a variety of fields, including personal training, wellness management, strength and sports conditioning.

Enrollment requirements: matric certificate or NQF4 industry related qualification. We also offer a bridging course (Fitness Instructor) should you not meet the entry requirements.


National Certificate in Fitness


Take advantage of our launch special (R3900 discount) of the National Certificate in Fitness Full time course which is offered in Bedfordview, Durban, Pretoria and includes three additional certificates. We offer 2 specialisation tracks with the NCIF (only with the Full Time Weekday Programme). You will choose 1 of the tracks which will be included in the course programme and course fee. This ‘value added’ programme will broaden your scope of practice and earning potential:

National Certificate in Fitness (add one of these tracks):


Specialisation Tracks:


Sports Conditioning Coach Pilates (beginner & intermediate)
Sports Nutrition Coach Weight Loss Coach
Sports Massage therapist Bootcamp Instructor

The National Certificate in Fitness is offered in the following regions:

Full Time & Part Time: Johannesburg, Pretoria,  Durban,  Port Elizabeth.
Part Time: East LondonBloemfontein
Note: For those who are unable to attend at our campuses, Online and Blended learning (distance with workshops) are offered nationally and beyond our borders – study from anywhere


The NCIF covers all facets of Personal Training (including an overview of injury prevention and special considerations). The NDIF builds on these skills and covers more advanced training considerations which include working with special population groups.

A part time option for National Certificate in Fitness is offered in Bloemfontein, East London and Port Elizabeth.


Higher Certificate in Exercise Science



The Higher Certificate in Exercise science is offered in Rivonia and Cape Town. Full-time study includes sports massage, training in different environments and sports conditioning as a value add. Part Time study includes three options of online courses which could either be a nutrition course OR sports nutrition course OR weight management course.

Upon completion of the personal trainer qualification, you can enter the workplace immediately with sufficient knowledge and experience to kick-start your career.


We offer the following electives (included in the course fee):


The Higher Certificate in Exercise Science includes two electives (Training in different Environments & Sports Conditioning). The Full Time students have an additional programme (Sports Massage) as a ‘value add’ which will broaden your scope of practice and earning potential.

Sports Conditioning
Sports Massage
Training in Different Environments

The Higher Certificate in Exercise Science is offered in the following regions:

Full Time & Part Time: JohannesburgCape Town.


Should you wish to pursue further learning to increase your scope of practice and earning potential, HFPA offers the following advanced qualifications:  Exercise Specialist, Sports Conditioning Coach and Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science that provides advanced training in the fields of scientific exercise prescription for special population groups and specialised sports conditioning.



Also Consider

Personal Trainer

(NQF 5) Cathsseta (Occupational Skills Programme)

Offered Nationally and Internationally (offered Online with optional workshops)

Although this is not a weekday programme, it is shown here to assist you to understand where the different Fitness/ Personal Training qualifications fit into our course offerings and the various levels and scopes of practice these qualifications provide. The skills programmes cover essential knowledge and offer the quickest route to gaining access to the industry as a qualified personal trainer.

This Personal Trainer Certificate provides you with the skills to work as a Personal Trainer in SA and internationally. This course is registered with REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals SA) which is affiliated to ICREPS which is the international Register of Fitness Professionals. This qualification is therefore internationally portable.
This is the entry level Personal Trainer qualification which qualifies you to work in Gyms and Leisure Centres, on Cruise Liners and in Spas, offering one-on-one training to clients and exercise sessions to small groups of clients.

You can add further skills programmes to this qualification to increase your scope of practice and your earning potential such as Exercise Specialist (Special Populations), Sports Conditioning Coach (Athletes) and various other continuing education progammes and short courses.

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