Gavin Perry HFPA Ambassador

Business entrepreneur and fitness exemplary, Gavin Perry, who runs a highly successful supplement distribution company and was awarded the WBFF Athlete of the year title for 2014, shares his story and rise to becoming a renowned fitness celebrity through hardship, hard work and gratitude.


Give us more insight into your current business?

After finishing my studies at HFPA which is where it all began, I started working in a gym as a Personal Trainer and branched out into entrepreneurial business of my own. Currently I own a retail business called Formidable Brands that provides sporting goods as well as supplementation in Game and Macro stores.


How did you come up with the concept and how has it evolved?

The concept was actually created by a buyer at Game and Macro who at the time, 6 years ago, approached myself and another gentleman to implement the concept. Initially it basically involved providing promotional services at the Game stores. Since then it has grown to being able to deliver many different brands including a variety of supplements as well as clothing and gym apparel.


How do you drive business growth?

We rely on a lot of the actual marketing that the suppliers themselves provide. What we do is in store promotions and we also spend a lot of time on the social media feeds.


What has been your motivation to succeed in your fitness career?

A couple of years ago my wife was in a serious car accident and we literally lost everything. I don’t know where the turning point was but there were certain people that helped me to see the light. I realised that control is an illusion and that it was up to me to make each and every day count.


Has anyone been a key inspiration in your journey?

There were two gentlemen in particular who really helped to give me some guidance, namely Craig Patterson and David Hadasan, who are both entrepreneurs and really dynamic about being positive and doing what you can, not worrying about that which is out of your control. When you don’t focus on the negative things they actually start to solve themselves. Since they had both been through similar experiences and challenges they saved me from repeating common mistakes. By following their advice, I was able to expedite myself and get back on my feet.


What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career so far?

Building a retail business in SA is certainly not easy and so what’s rewarding for me is that it’s successful and it’s still here. I see a lot of businesses close down and I can provide really well for my family and kids and get to spend time with them which is a real blessing. I work for myself so my time is my own. I’ve also been able to give a lot of jobs to good people in this country who need employment and some coaching, where currently I have 85 staff who work for me.


What have been some of your highlights as a competitive athlete?

Last year was great winning the SA WBFF and getting my Pro Card. I was featured in the fitness magazines and am affiliated with various brands and associations like HFPA, which keeps me motivated. Something I’d really like to achieve is winning a world title. My next goal is competing at the WBFF and I plan to give it my all!