Prof Peet du Toit

Regional Course Leader, Pretoria


As a Professor of Neuroscience and Physiology at UGSM Monarch Business School in Switzerland and the Head of the Neuroscience Group at the University of Pretoria, Professor Peet can best be described as an authority in the field of neuroscience and a well-respected scientist. On top of this, he serves as our Pretoria regional manager while running his own personal training business. With a long list of published works and academic awards under his name, an unwavering passion for health and fitness and a work ethic second-to-none, our students are fortunate to start their fitness careers under his guidance!


  • PhD Physiology: University of Pretoria
  • MSc Microbiology: University of PretoriaBSc
  • (Hons) Microbiology: University of Pretoria
  • BSc Physiology and microbiology: University of Pretoria