Darren-Smit-Master Trainer-and-Lecturer-Ballito

Darren Smit

Master Trainer and Lecturer, Ballito


As far back as he can remember Darren has been fascinated with the human body and passionate about wellness, always looking for ways to improve his physique, stay healthy and motivate those around him. He embraces a variety of approaches to health and fitness and loves to learn from people with alternative perspectives on the matter. As our Ballito Master Trainer and lecturer, an amateur IFBB athlete and the manager of IMF Fitness Centre, his days are spent doing what he loves best – teaching, training and staying healthy!


  • BSc Honours Biokinetics: University of Zululand
  • BA Sports Science: University of Zululand
  • Personal Trainer: NSCA
  • Fascial Release Therapist
  • Kinesiotapist