(UK) Diploma in Nutritional Consultancy

Course Duration: 12 - 18 Months

This course allows you to become a nutritional consultant

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(UK) Diploma in Nutritional Consultancy

Course Overview for the (UK) Diploma in Nutritional Consultancy

This course, brought to you in partnership with Plaskett College, consists of two parts: Part one is based on the Nutrition and Health course and Part two is an extension of this to train you to a Practitioner level.  You will:

  • Gain an understanding of naturopathy and its principles which you can then apply to practise in nutritional therapies
  • Obtain the skills to understand the depth of disease in your patients to then find a route back from chronic disease and enable you to advise the best treatment plan
  • Develop an understanding of the role of the practitioner from the initial consultation, the taking of a case history, the interpretation and the subsequent advising of a treatment plan
  • Learn the ‘tools of the trade’ in using diets, supplements, herbs, phytonutrients in treatment, with flexibility and insight
  • Gain the confidence to practise as a Nutritional Consultant and advise your clients on the best route to achieving good health in a world where ill health is prevalent.
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Why you should study this course:

  • Learn to read signs that show biochemical, emotional and environmental influences
  • Receive the training to interpret health by close examination of the eyes
  • Learn about the close relationship between naturopathic iridology, nutritional medicine and other naturopathic disciplines

Offered at the following campuses:

Career paths you can follow:

Career Opportunities for the (UK) Diploma in Nutritional Consultancy

  • Become an practitioner in Iridology
  • Enhance your skillset and increase your earning potential

Career Paths to Follow

Accreditations for the (UK) Diploma in Nutritional Consultancy

You will receive a certificate from Plaskett College for a Nutritional consultant and be entitled to use the designatory letters Dip.N.C as a Nutritional Consultant

Training Centres

The (UK) Diploma in Nutritional Consultancy is offered at the following training centres: